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Menarini India successfully markets the company's branded pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other healthcare products. Currently, Menarini India drives demand for more than 50 brands across the country. Building on our strengths in Dermatology and Primary Care, Menarini has experienced an impressive growth.

EDGE™ Process

EDGE™ is Menarini's proprietary brand planning process, developed and implemented by Menarini across all markets in Asia Pacific. The proven methodology is founded on our extensive commercialization expertise, market research, industry best practice, and a systematic approach to generating and applying knowledge of specific Asian customer insights. EDGE™ ensures consistency and optimal brand performance across highly fragmented and dynamic markets for Menarini and our partners. It provides Menarini with a significant market advantage, providing that successful "edge" for Menarini marketed brands.

Menarini India's brands encompass the Primary Care & Dermatology therapeutic classes. Our leading brands include: Distaclor™, Pyridium™, Acnelak®, Olemessa®, Hexilak®, UV Avo™, Dewderm®, Atopiclair™ and Papulex™.

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'All India Business & Community Foundation Recognition Award- for Health Excellence'

We have recently received an award from the All India Business & Community Foundation for Health Excellence in recognition of our achievement in CSR & Sustainable Development. This award comes due to the evolution of the business in India through ethical business partnership with the medical community.


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